Salem's Childe is:

  • dustin howard - vocals
  • rob salem - guitar
  • james gates - bass
  • scott earley - drums

"Do not only practice your art, force your way into its secrets. For it and knowledge can raise men to the Divine."
- Ludwig von Beethoven

Salem's Childe is a metal band based in north-central Indiana.

With influences that include Machine Head, Tool, In Flames, Wovenwar, Lamb of God, and more, the music of Salem's Childe is a hard-hitting and violently energetic mix of melody, aggression, and emotion. And while those influences are resonant in the band's sound, Salem's Childe has been described as having a fresh and original sound that stands on its own. Sonically, Salem's Childe is a genre-defying blend of sounds--a perfect storm of thrash, groove, prog, and modern hard rock that finds itself as equally at home in the mainstream as it does the underground.