Salem's Childe is a metal band based in north-central Indiana.

From stages like Milwaukee Metalfest to national tours in support of legends like Misfits guitar player Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein, Indiana metal outfit Salem’s Childe has spent their career defining and redefining themselves and their sound.

With influences from multiple styles of metal and other genres of music, Salem’s Childe offers a hard-hitting and violently energetic mix of melody and aggression. And while those influences are resonant in the band’s music, Salem’s Childe has been described as having a genre-defying sound that stands on its own. Their music has been described as a storm of thrash, groove, prog, and modern hard rock that finds itself as equally at home in the mainstream as it does the underground.

In 2020, under the guidance of Tim King (Soil; VP A&R at Pavement Entertainment) the band released their debut album, "The Sin That Saves You," in an artist partnership deal through the storied Pavement Entertainment in October 2020 and followed that up the next spring with a cover of Sponge's iconic radio anthem "Plowed."

In the spring of 2022, Salem’s Childe stormed their way across the US in support of DOYLE, and after began working on new music for their eventual next record. As preproduction work on the band’s next release continues, they’re also preparing to hit the road again in May of 2023, again in support of DOYLE for a run of select dates on the legend’s next US tour.

While there’s no timeline yet on their next record, the band’s new music represents a growth from where they left off with “The Sin That Saves You,” demonstrating a dedication towards continual improvement in both songwriting and performance. The new songs maintain the band’s aggressive accessibility while pushing boundaries and inviting engagement, and see Salem’s Childe continuing to redefine themselves and their music.

Salem's Childe is:

  • johnny oravsky - vocals
  • rob salem - guitar
  • aaron crick - guitar
  • james gates - bass
  • scott earley - drums