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Salem's Childe Announces Second Record, "Unbound"

17 June 2024

Four years after the release of their debut full-length album, Salem's Childe has announced their follow-up record, "Unbound".

Featuring 9 songs of melodic fury, the record reflects the band's growth as musicians and songwriters. "We really worked to tighten things up this time. There are no filler tracks on this record, just a bunch of tunes that get to the point, get in your face, and hopefully leave you wanting more," says guitar player Rob Salem.

Staying true to form, the 8 original songs on the record reflect the broad influences that the band pulls from, while uniting them into a cohesive sound. "One of the best--and most consistent--compliments we've ever gotten," says bassist James Gates, "is that you can hear our influences in our music, but we don't sound like the bands we draw inspiration from. That's important to us, because we want to honor where we come from, without trying to copycat anyone."

"This record really sounds different from 'Sin'," adds Salem. "It's still us. The two records make sense together, while each being unique and standing on their own and being different chapters in the story of the band."

One of the biggest differences is the evolution and growth of vocalist Johnny Oravsky. Trending away from screams as his main approach to vocals, the singer takes a much more melodic approach to the songs on this record. "Johnny put in a ton of work in evolving and growing as a vocalist in every way," says Gates. "And not just the way he's singing, but in how he approached laying vocals over music, allowing the music to breathe and inform his melody choices and lyric placement." "He's a completely different singer" adds Salem. "And a far better singer in every way. With 'Sin' he was kinda dropped into a finished product that he didn't help shape. But with this record, he was part of the process from the inception of all of these songs, and I think that really made a difference in how he thought about and approached them."

"I think one of my favorite songs on this one is 'The Reaping'" Oravsky says. The angry, driving track features Joe Rodriguez of Texas metallers Pissing Razors. "Joe and I have been friends for most of our lives, and we'd always wanted to collaborate on something together. When this song was coming together we thought it would be a good one to invite him to sing on, and being able to make that happen was a dream come true for me. And it was especially badass that he was able to come shoot the video with us."

From the opener thrasher 'Closer to the Bone' to the closing cover of The Cult's classic 'She Sells Sanctuary' the record offers listeners a fast and aggressive ride that doesn't let up.

Salem's Childe "Unbound" releases August 16 via Pavement Entertainment and is available for pre-save at the following link: https://orcd.co/scunbound.

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Salem's Childe is:

  • johnny oravsky - vocals
  • rob salem - guitar
  • mark oaldon - guitar
  • james gates - bass
  • scott earley - drums